Once, Śrī Śrīmad Bhakti Vilāsa Tīrtha Gosvāmī Mahārāja, Śrī Kṛṣṇadāsa Bābājī Mahārāja, Śrīpāda Sundara-gopāla Prabhu, Śrīpāda Atulānanda Brahmacārī and other disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda were at the Sealdah station in Kolkata. Śrīpāda Kṛṣṇa-keśava Brahmacārī, who was then residing at Śrī Caitanya Gauḍīya Maṭha, was also present at the same station, but was situated a little further away. Some of them called for Śrīpāda Kṛṣṇa-keśava Brahmacārī to come close to them, and asked “Keśava! How are you?”
Śrīpāda Kṛṣṇa-keśava Brahmacārī replied, “I am very well.”
They again asked, “Keśava! How are you?”
“I am extremely well,” he replied.
A number of his godbrothers then audibly said among themselves, “Just see! Although he has left the maṭha established by Śrīla Prabhupāda, his own gurudeva, he says that he is very well.”
Hearing their words, Śrī Kṛṣṇa-keśava Brahmacārī calmly said, “Had I continued to stay with you, I would have only ever heard that you alone are engaged in bhajana, and no one else is capable of properly serving. I would have been compelled to label all others as non-devotees, and would have become expert in vaiṣṇava-nindā, criticizing devotees.
“Fortunately,” he continued, “I have been saved from all such wretchedness by staying with Śrī Mādhava Mahārāja. With him, I remain immersed in practicing the principle of considering everyone else as honourable and myself as worthless. So, to reaffirm, yes, I am extremely well. What have you to say about that?”
Someone said, “Listen! Śrīla Prabhupāda blessed Śrī Tīrtha Mahārāja by saying, ‘May you attain abundant auspiciousness.’ Did he ever give such a blessing to Mādhava Mahārāja?”
Śrī Kṛṣṇa-keśava Brahmacārī replied, “No one blesses a recipient of a Master of Arts degree by saying, ‘I bless you to acquire a Master of Arts degree.’ Such blessings are for those who have not yet attained some particular qualification. Therefore, the reason Śrīla Prabhupāda did not bestow the blessing to achieve abundant auspiciousness upon Śrī Mādhava Mahārāja is because he had already achieved abundant auspiciousness. By sincerely reflecting on the situation of the ‘blessed,’ one can easily understand why Śrīla Prabhupāda would have felt it necessary to bless them in this way.”

— Śrīla Bhakti Vijñāna Bhāratī Mahārāja (My Beloved Masters)

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