“There is not a bad karma that I have not committed. Not only once, but thousands of times! I promised that I would never do this anymore, but I did it again and again. How can I control my mind? How can I reach Your lotus feet, Sir?” This was spoken by Yamunācārya, the Guru of Rāmanujācārya. He openly says, “I have no qualifications at all through which I can reach You, my Lord. I have got only bad qualities, so how can I reach You? I never did anything good, so now, oh Lord, please bless me!” Often and often you must request the Lord and also the sādhus, the Vaiṣṇavas. Only like this we can catch hold of their minds and they will give us sufficient strength. Also in the Mana-śikṣa it is said that when we are doing something wrong against the rules of the Scriptures then we should call out to those bhaktas, “Sir, I am down fallen, nobody is here to help me. I have fallen into a well!”
It is like the example of a well in the forest that is hidden in a place where nobody passes by. Now if a fellow falls down in it but remains quiet and does not call for help, nobody will hear him and he will die. So he must loudly call, “I am in the well, sir! Is there anybody who is passing by? Please help me!” Therefore you should always weep for the help of the devotees.”

—Śrīla Bhakti Vaibhāva Purī Mahārāja


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