There is the story of Nārada who saw a hunter with his bow and poisoned arrows in a big forest. He shot one deer, who was now doing chaṭ-paṭ, chaṭ-paṭ (flapping around). He was only half dead and rolling about in pain. When Nārada saw this, he thought, “Oh, the deer is half-dead and is suffering so much, and doing chaṭ-paṭ, chaṭ-paṭ.” A little while later he saw another deer, a rabbit, and some birds that were also flapping like that. At last he approached that hunter who came with bow and arrow in hand and challenged Nārada, “Why have you come here like this and disturbed me? All my prey are running here and there, and you have frightened them off. I will kill you.”
Nārada replied, “You cannot kill me. You have no power to do so. You have no power to even touch me. Look around you.” And Nārada took some drops of water from his pot and sprinkled them. The hunter at once saw lākhas and lākhas of these animals ready to kill him. He cried out, “They are killing me and again I am taking birth and again they are killing me. And they are in rows, lākhas and lākhas of them waiting to kill me.” He at once fainted and was rolling on the earth.
Again Nārada took some water and sprinkled it. The hunter came back to his senses and fell flat at the lotus feet of Nārada Ṛṣi, “Save me! Save me! Save me!”
Nārada told him to break his arrows and bows.
“Then what will I do? How will I maintain my life?”
“Oh, do not worry about this. All necessities will come to you in huge quantities, but you should take only a little. First you should distribute all your possessions.” In a moment that hunter was changed, and he became a great saint. After some days Parvata Ṛṣi and Nārada Ṛṣi returned there. Now this hunter had become so pious that he would watch the path so that no ant would be harmed when he offered praṇāma to Nārada Ṛṣi. He had become so pious! Parvata Ṛṣi asked, “Who is he?”
“Oh, he is my disciple. He was a very big hunter and so niṣṭhura, cruel-hearted. Now he has become so pious.”
“Oh, you are a touchstone. In a moment you can change anyone.” So, if a person like Nārada Ṛṣi will touch us, our mind can be controlled, otherwise not.

―Śrīla Bhaktivedānta Nārāyaṇa Mahārāja

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