There is one Vedic truth, an eternal truth. If one accepts
or does not accept, if God exists or does not exist, that
is beyond the point. However, there is one truth that
everyone, whether religious or irreligious, is bound to
accept: in this world death is certain. No one can deny this.
In this world death is surely a reality. And another point is
that in this world it is also a reality that one who is born
must certainly have to die. And he certainly will become old,
if he lasts. It is God who maintains the world, the root
management is in His hands. Wherever you reside, I will go
there and I will remind you. Taking the name of the Lord
does not take any energy, there is no cost—it does not
require anything. I have not come to take your money.
Understand this. I have come to give you my wealth,
which is this knowledge. This is what I say everywhere
I go. I am not here for money. I am here to give wealth.
If you will receive just a fraction of this wealth, your life
will become fully auspicious. This is why I came. So, please,
have faith in me, that I have not come to take anything.
To make your lives happy, to give this message of India,
I have come for this reason. Do not go towards darkness;
this is ignorance. It is all illusion. Nowadays, all of these
instructions are being brought to decline. We see that now
our principals, professors, and teachers are smoking
cigarettes and so many other things. What can they teach?
Their character is not good. What can they give? Our
disciplic succession is where true saints have performed
bhajana: we should accept their teachings. Unless this
diplomacy is controlled by the power of dharma, the world
will be ruined.

―Śrīla Bhaktivedanta Nārāyaṇa Mahārāja

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